Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome Back to SST 2017

Dear Class,

First, I would like to congratulate the executive committee of S201 and I look forward to work with them working with the class.

Executive Members
Chairperson: Quay Genk Swee Daniel
Vice Chairperson: Chong Wen Jing Celine
Treasurer: Tan Peng Kiang
Secretary: Kevin Tan Tian Hao

Secondly, do consider which roles you would like to take up for the class as leaders in sub committees. We will finalise these during the Wednesday FT mornings.

Class Sub-Committees*
Service Learning Committee - Service Learning Coordinator (x3)
Digital Citizenship Committee - Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador  (x2)
National Education Committee - NE representatives (x5)
Environment Committee - Environment Representatives (x2)
Class Welfare Committee - Class Welfare Representatives (x4)
Sports & Wellness Committee - House Representatives (x5 - one for each house)

Things you need to submit to Celine by Thursday

1) Consent form for SL
2) SDM form
3) Report Book by Friday

Once again my email is adele_lim@sst.edu.sg & office number is 6571 7438.

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