Wednesday, February 22, 2017

homework for 22 Feb

AssignmentTypeAssigned DateDue DateTime RequiredRemarks / RemindersLD Required?
English In your shoes peer reviewpeer review15 Feb 2017Friday, 22/2/17DependsDoc may not be accessibleYes
MathQuiz 3.1, Level test 2015Practice Papers
17 Feb 2017 20 Feb 201721 Feb 2017About 1 hour each -No
HCL课本 pg62-6322 February 201723 Feb 201730minutes-No
GeographyComplete iBook Chapter 3iBook1/2ASAPWill take a long time probably 3 hrs in total_Yes
ADMTCharacter Design CommercialGoogle Slides commercial10/2/17 Next LessonNext ADMt lessonDependsThe time taken depends on how many characters you have in your short movie and how detailed you want the description of them to be Yes
I&EQuestions for primary researchResearchThis TuesdayNext TuesdayDependsYes
S&WNetball Video AnalynisAnalysisLast WeekNest lessonDepends
Administrative Matters-------

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